Toronto Salsa Practice

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will there be a practice this Saturday?

A: Yes! There's a practice every Saturday. The only exception is that the church is usually closed on one or two Saturdays around Christmas. We'll give plenty of advance notice about that on this website, at the practices, and by email to our newsletter subscribers.

Q: Do I have to bring a partner?

A: Definitely not. We don't usually dance more than one or two songs with the same person, so if you want to dance, you will dance. Most participants come by themselves. Those that do come with a partner generally dance with lots of other people, too.

Q: I'm a beginner. Is it okay if I come?

A: Absolutely, yes! The TSP was begun by a group of beginners (because we were chicken to go to clubs), and it's remained a beginner-friendly event. Some of Toronto's best dancers attend the practice, but they'll dance with you that's why they come.

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: Young salsa dancers are welcome, but for safety's sake, they must be at least four feet tall to attend the practice.

Q: Is the practice for beginners or for more advanced dancers?

A: Lots of dancers of every level attend.

Q: I've never been to the practice, but I'd like to go. Do I have to register in advance, or can I just show up?

A: Just show up. We look forward to meeting you.

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