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Testimonios sobre las reuniones del TSP

TSP is my favorite place for salsa dancing - I met my husband at the practice - Now we have 2 adorable children and keep coming back even though we live out of town.

Thanks to you for organizing those great social events every saturday! It is TSP that got me into salsa when I just arrived Toronto two years ago and it is TSP that helped me make friends here! Vive TSP! :)

I have been going to TSP for a few years now and I love the atmosphere, the music and the dancing. People are friendly and no matter if you have danced salsa before or not, you are sure to have a good time. What I love most about TSP is that you get to dance with different people as each song is with a new partner and you get to socialize and have fun.
Evelyn Fernandes

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First time last night to TSP. Had a wonderful time. Stepped on many toes. Turned the wrong way. Everyone forgiving. Zero attitude. Lots of fun!
      Thanks very much.

As a passionate Salsa dancer from Barrie there is no place to dance in Barrie anymore. The Salsa scene is dead here. When a friend recently told me about Toronto Salsa Practice I came down right away to dance. . . and danced . . . and danced . . . and danced. It was an overwhelming experience. Personally not particularly fond of the bar scene I found myself in Salsa heaven. Meeting wonderful people from all over the world in a serene environment for one reason only . . . to experience Salsa bliss.
     I haven't missed a Saturday since and I'm looking forward to many many more visits to TSP to come. Gracias Jim for a fantastic Salsa venue.

So, it's Tuesday and I'm just finishing up at work. It's that mid-week moment when it feels like fun is a distant memory. So, I go on the Toronto Salsa Practice site, look at the pictures and remind myself that on Saturday there will be hours of dancing, laughing and socializing to do. TSP's great atmosphere and energy keep me going right through the week! Thanks!

Yesterday I decided to venture out to the Toronto Salsa Practice, by myself, with only four lessons under my belt. I was a bit nervous about going on my own, but decided to take a chance and go. I figured the worst that could happen is I would feel uncomfortable, go home, and waste $4... so I headed to the practice by myself.
     Surprisingly, I felt like I fit right in. I had a blast, and danced just about every song... and no one seemed to mind my Salsa inexperience. I learned a few new things, stepped on a few toes, and had a great time! I was even invited to go out with a group for dinner afterwards, which was really nice, and made me feel even more at home.
     I was surprised at how welcoming people were, and how comfortable I felt walking into the venue alone. I really enjoyed being able to practise the steps I have learned in class with a real partner. I will definitely be telling my cohorts at my dance classes about this, and I will definitely be back!
     What a great idea Toronto Salsa Practice is!!! I commend you (and thank you) for organizing such an amazing event!

I moved to Halifax but I really miss the Toronto Salsa Practice, so whenever I visit Toronto I drop in. Last time I packed my dance shoes in my carry-on and came to the TSP straight from the airport!
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The Saturday Salsa practise is a divine experience that brings together some truly remarkable people in a relaxed setting. It's nice to know that I can go to this event in casual attire and enjoy absolutely lovely salsa dances. My work week can be grueling and it's just not possible to do late nights at salsa clubs anymore. I am so happy that there is a place that I can go to and find very good partners without having to stay up to all hours of the night. Thank you to the TSP crew for being so gracious to use your personal time to put on an event that so many people in the city enjoy.

After years of salsa clubs I have found that the best laid-back, non-threatening environment for all new and old (age wise and dance experience) salseros is the Trinity St. Paul Church saturday afternoon event. I must say that I have met quite a few good friends and just plain "good people" there. The experience at your venue has allowed me to broaden my circle of acquaintances and friends as well as enjoy a great salsa work out without the mental anguish of feeling out of place when my dancing was not up to (what I thought) was good enough. I found that generally speaking, the people there are quite forgiving if your level is not par to theirs. There is nobody there to judge you or to criticize you. It is a very relaxed atmosphere and quite inviting. That is why have been going for many years. Thank you Jim for arranging this event as we can all use a little TLC.
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Bailar es felicidad, libertad y alegría. Con este enfoque hablar de técnicas, estilos o niveles en la danza es absurdo. La danza y el baile trascienden todas estas categorías porque finalmente, cuando nosotros bailamos estamos celebrando el hecho de estar vivos, y el hecho de que podemos compartirnos con los demás. "The Toronto Salsa Practice" es una de estas grandes celebraciones.

Thanks so much for all you do for us salsaholics. . . i always look forward coming to practice . . . one of the highlights of my week (when i manage to come and get in before it is sold out ;-))
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My friend introduced me to TSP. Since I am very busy with school and work it's hard for me to find time to go salsa dancing and the TSP is a great way for me to workout, have fun and meet lots of people who also share a passion for salsa. It's a great way for people of diverse salsa backgrounds to come together and hone their skills. I am sooooo happy I found out about this.

Dancing at TSP on Saturdays is absolutely my favourite place to dance. I look forward to it all week long.
      Live, Love, Laugh and DANCE SALSA!
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I attended the practice for the first time this Saturday, and I must say I had the time of my life. My compliments, keep up the good work!!!

I went to Lula Lounge last night. I just want to say that, were it not for your practices, I would not have felt so comfortable on the dance floor there. Thank you for coordinating the Toronto Salsa Practice!
Nick Falvo

After taking some salsa lessons, it seemed logical to go to a club. However, it seemed that the people in the clubs were dancing something else. It seemed as if they belonged to some secret society that was impossible to break into. Learning to dance salsa is like trying to get your first job. You can't dance salsa without experience and you can't get experience without dancing salsa.
      What to do? Practice!
      So after coming to the Toronto Salsa Practice week after week, I have found that it is possible to learn to dance salsa while having a great time without any of the intimidation that beginners find in clubs. Now the secret society isn't so elusive anymore.
William Liu
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On my birthday I chose to dance at the Toronto Salsa Practice as my present.

Lo que más me agrada de la Salsa Practice es primero que todo el ambiente tan diverso que se genera allí. Al igual que en todo Toronto, en Salsa Practice puedes encontrar gente de todos lados, lo que lo hace una instancia muy interesante para conocer personas o posibles amigos de distintas culturas unidas por un interés común: La Salsa.
      También me parece sobresaliente el espíritu amistoso que predomina allí, sin importar si bailas excelente o eres un principiante que desea practicar, eres igual bienvenido y es más, formas parte de este interesante grupo de amantes del baile salsero!!!
      Felicidades Jim por esta iniciativa, sigue adelante con la nueva Practica Nocturna y... A BAILAR!!!
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Ok talaga itong Saturday Salsa Practice! Salamat kay Jim sa pag start nito! Nung una akong nagpunta dito in November of 2003, medyo hesitant pa ako kasi hindi talaga ako marunong mag salsa. Pero mababait at friendly ang mga tao dito. It's a nice place to go to on Saturdays. Marami na din akong nakilala at naging kaibigan dahil sa TSP. Parang 2nd family ko na din ito.. Minsan, kahit nakakatamad lumabas ng gabi.. Pag nagpunta ako dito sa Saturday practice.. Ok na.. I get my salsa fix.. Minsan, enough to last me the week.. Well, minsan! :) Salamat ulit Jim!

Danser avec les gens de "Toronto Salsa Practice" est une expérience extraordinaire que je pratique depuis plus de deux ans. Étant une activité qu'il m'est impossible de manquer, j'organise mon horaire hebdomadaires en conséquence de ces dernières. Il est tellement intéressant de danser dans une atmosphère de détente et surtout de patience qui permet de pratiquer tout genre de mouvement autant les plus compliqués et avancés que les plus simpliste. Il suffit de demander et la partenaire choisie et elle se fera un plaisir de pratiquer avec nous pour quelque chanson. Cette ambiance de camaraderie permet d'avoir du fun, de faire un exercice demandant tout en pratiquant une activité entourée de gens agréable. Donc félicitation à Jim et aux gens qui participent à l'organisation de "Toronto Salsa Practice".
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P IS FOR A SALSA PARTY like you have never seen!
      Come and try it out! You will never regret it! The best place in town to have a good time, dance your heart out and meet and greet people, young old and from all walks of life. You will leave with a great feeling of fun, laughter and totally energized! For a few dollars, it is the best entertainment in town where you are part of the action, join in the fun and spend the entire time dancing away to great salsa tunes! A great place to get your salsa fix on a Saturday afternoon. Satisfaction guaranteed!
      Thanks to Jim, who was instrumental in beginning this venture, for making it happen and hanging in there from day one, rain or shine . . . and . . . to all the women . . . Jim will even dance with you if you ask him, and he is not too busy!
      TSP - one of a kind!
Suzanne :)

I wanted to write and say how much I appreciate the salsa practice on Saturdays. I've only just started going but fell in love with it the first day! It is so great to have an open and comfortable environment where people can dance, practice, socialize, and have fun. What I also love is that the people who attend represent ALL levels of ability (from beginner to more advanced) - so everyone is so approachable and friendly . . . in fact, I think I'm becoming addicted!
Leanne T.

The Practice is a great place to go and dance on a Saturday afternoon. There is always a choice of people to dance with. For those of you starting out, it's a great way to ease yourself into the salsa scene. The Practice has such a casual, relaxed, non-intimidating vibe. There are dancers of all levels who go and will gladly help you out with different turn patterns or shines. I've made a great many friendships through the Practice, including finding the love of my life! Thank you, Jim, so much, for giving us salsaholics a place to feed our addiction week after week!

Toronto Salsa Practice has been a refreshing experience. It provides a forum for interacting, learning, and networking. Salsa soothes the mind, strengthens the body, and uplifts the soul. It is a part of my holistic approach to wellness. Salsa dancing is an opportunity for self-expression and relaxation.
Novelette B.

One of the best places to help improve my salsa dancing. Great atmosphere and really great people.

I appreciate the Saturday practices so much more than the club scene, because you can see real passion, rather than competition & superiority complexes. Jim has created a staple for salsa that can't be stopped. This scene is clearly the real deal for that salsa feel!
Taj Mahal

The most fun you can have for almost nothing!

I live for the Saturday Toronto Salsa Practice! It's such a great way to spend Saturday afternoon, dancing salsa with really nice people in a safe and fun environment. Jim and Candice are great! (I can't say enough good things about TSP - thanks, Jim & Candice!)
Archana Kalegaonkar

Thank you for giving us the chance to practice salsa.

I've been coming to Trinity for more than a year to pray and dance. It's simply been awesome. I've never been so devoted to coming to church. People are great & anyone can practice to their heart's desire. It's really been accessible & great to bring your friends. Good for your cardiovascular, heart & spirit.
Natalia Strats
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